Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paper Assignment- 10th Grade ONLY!!!!!!

If you should have ANY questions or need to discuss your paper, feel free to post on the blog, email, or myspace me over the break.

Night Paper Assignment

You must choose one of the following prompts. Each paper must be 1-2 typed, double spaced pages. Please be sure to edit and revise for your final copy. Use clear and concise language. Be sure to make all of your sentences complete. Concentrate on your ideas and the details you use to prove your point. I will be using the WV Writing Assessment Rubric to evaluate your essay. If you do not have a copy of the rubric, please ask for one and it will be made available for you. Due Date: The Monday you return from Spring Break.

Write a review or an article that expresses your reaction to the value of this book as assigned reading in the English or Language Arts curriculum.

Write an essay expressing your like or dislike of the book. Did it have any effect on your views? Feelings? Attitudes? Actions?

Locate pictorial images of the Holocaust. Working in an individual setting, prepare an essay based on the mood, emotions, and theme conveyed in the selected illustration.

Elie Wiesel once said that anyone who witnesses an atrocity, or an act of inhumanity, and does nothing to stop it, is just as guilty as the person committing the act. Those who know and remain silent are guilty of the same offense. To stand by silently is to participate in the crime. Do you agree with Elie Wiesel’s judgement? Explain.

Should students continue to study the Holocaust in school today? Give specific reasons for your response.

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