Friday, November 30, 2007

Hotel Rwanda

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Over the past few weeks the English 10 classes have been studying World War II, the Holocaust, and the literature of this time. We have been discussing whether or not something of this magnitude could ever happen in our lifetime. Many were surprise to find out that yes it has happened in our life time. To illustrate that yes, this type of hate could and does still exist in our world, I will be showing my students a film called "Hotel Rwanda." The film is a true story about the genocide that took place in Rwanda in the '90's. The film does contain some emotional material and at times can be a bit graphic. However, I find that it is an excellent teaching tool and discussion starter. If you would prefer that your child NOT view this film, please contact me via email or phone, and I will find an alternate assignment for them to complete.

If you should have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss them. 348-1996 ext 144 or

Thanks for your support and all that you do,

Heather McChesney

What next?

It's time to start some drama!

Which dramatic piece next...

Antigone or Julius Caesar?

FYI: Due Dates

Night Test: Tuesday, Dec. 4
Night Paper: Monday, Dec. 10

If you have any questions about them here, and together we can get to the answer.

A Thought, A Question

In Night, one of the Kapo gave the prisoners this advice, "Let there be comradeship among you. We are all brothers, and we are all suffering...Help one another. It is the only way to survive?"

Is this philosophy/advise true of other moments in history? Is it sound advice for our every day lives? What do you think?

Should schools continue to study Holocaust literature?

Currently, there is a survey post on the blog asking the question: Should schools continue to study Holocaust literature? There are many mixed feelings about this. I'm currious as to what your thoughts might be on the subject.

Welcome to the blog.

Hi there everyone. I wanted to thank you for visiting the blog. I plan on using this with my classes, parents, friends, colleagues, etc so that we might continue conversations about what we do, read, write, and think about in class. Thinking doesn't just happen in the classroom; it happens every where. So many times in the evenings I think about what I should have said, might have said, or think of a whole new idea and I want to share it with you. This is a way for us to continue thinking and doing. I hope that you are an active participant. I also wanted to state, this site isn't just for students. I am hoping to get some parental feedback as well.