Thursday, March 20, 2008

11th Grade

Are there any similiarities or differences between what is happening in the novel, Fallen Angels, and what is happening in world today???


Annie Humphrey said...

There are a lot of similiarities and differences. In our world today, we still have conflicts. Our troops still remain in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Germany (and I'm positive there's more) to try to keep peace.

One difference that really stuck out to me was when there were so many Americans burning their draft cards. I don't believe a lot of that happens in our world today. I believe our country has became more patriotic than it was in this time period.

I'm sure that our technology (guns, equipment, food) has also changed.

Sam M. said...

Quiet a few similarities and a few differences stuck out to me while reading this book.

The major difference I noticed was how while they were over there fighting to keep the peace and make things right again, the people state-side shunned the very idea of the war in Vietnam and acted as if the soliders that fought for their county were misfits. I believe that in todays society that things are a complete 360 spin from that view on the war and we take the time to commend our troops for their courage and their bravery along with actually caring about their well being.

Although, of course the technologies are different and things are a lot larger in scale in my opinion. We're still over seas in all these countries fighting for what we believe is the right thing and yes there are war protestors but at the same time there tend to be more people supporting the ward efforts that we see than people degrading our troops or their efforts.